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Ambit Energy offers a selection of rates and plans to meet the needs of U.S. Customers from coast-to-coast.
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Customers all over the country are turning to Ambit as their energy providers of choice. Our coast-to-coast, reliable services are catering to the needs of homeowners and business owners all across America—from California, New York, and Ohio to Connecticut, Washington D.C. and Texas!

What sets Ambit apart from the rest is our commitment to safe and affordable energy solutions to serve our customer’s needs. We’ve been delivering unwavering, quality services to millions of customers across the country, powering the residential and commercial properties and communities as a whole.

Ambit is dedicated to going green and reducing the carbon footprint left behind from our services. As green energy suppliers, Ambit focuses on certified programs that turn to more renewable and sustainable sources of energy to serve America’s growing energy needs. Our energy-efficiency is more than just a side project to us, we’re committed to incorporating energy-saving practices in our every functioning too.

There’s a reason Ambit is known as one of the best value energy providers in the region. We focus on finding cost-effective solutions that other power suppliers just can’t rival—we want to create a brighter future for you in a reliable, affordable, and clean way! Browse our selection of plans and rates to find one that suits your needs best. Our high-quality energy solutions, coupled with unbeatable service, make Ambit the perfect choice for many in Maryland, New Hampshire, Texas, Delaware, California, Indiana, Rhode Island, and more!

Discover great rates and unparalleled excellence with Ambit Energy. Call us now for our services in Dallas, Grapevine, Houston, Fort Worth and Laredo, TX.